Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's the Band in My Head Playing? Billy Joel

Last week, I really had no inspiration to write.  I'm not entirely sure what it was, but I just had no interest, and I don't see the point of forcing myself to do anything.  But, I have a couple posts in mind now, including a few new Youtube videos that I think will be a little better than the previous ones have been.  I'm getting a little more comfortable being in front of the camera, so all we have left is to try and not be so scatterbrained!

But, now I'm back, at least for a little while, and I decided to start with a "What's the Band in My Head Playing?" post.  This one is thanks to my younger brother, who had a choir concert on Monday, and this morning had a choir ensemble contest.  I hadn't planned on going to the ensemble contest, but after the concert, I couldn't miss it.

One of the songs they sang was "The Longest Time" by Billy Joel, and I'll try and put up video of his group singing that particular song sometime in the next couple weeks, and it's been stuck in my head ever since.  Well, except for the few seconds that "Uptown Girl" got stuck in my head, which I then had to look up, and saw that it too, was by Billy Joel.  These two songs have been on repeat in my mind ever since, so I thought I'd get them stuck in your heads, as well.  So, without further ado, here they are:

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