Friday, March 23, 2012

Jewelry Box: Twig Companion Rings

A couple days ago, I put up a post on how to make a Bird's Nest Ring, which is the ring with the 'egg' in the center which you can see in the picture on the right.  I absolutely loved making those rings, but after making 24 of them, I ran out of beads.

However, I still had a bit of wire left over, and didn't really want it to go to waste.  Sure, I could have gone out and bought more beads, but I instead decided to design a new ring, which would just use the wire, and be a companion ring to the Bird's Nest Ring.  That was how the Twig Companion Rings were born, which are the two stacked rings you can also see in the picture.

I love how they look together, and if you're interested in making these little rings, as well, keep on reading!  I've included the instructions below!


  • a few inches of 22 gauge wire (about half the length from your fingertips to your elbow)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • A wooden dowel or other object the same size as you'd like your ring to be
  • Wrap the length of wire around the wooden dowel or other object (I used the top of a Bath & Body Works travel hand sanitizer bottle) twice, keeping the ends about the same length.
  • Keeping the size of the ring stable, slip the ring off the dowel.
  • Grab one tail, and wrap it around both strands of wire a few times, then take the other tail and do the same thing.
  • Cut off any excess wire, and use the pliers to make sure there are no sharp ends.
  • Finally, twist the ring band slightly until it creates a slight spiral between the two strands, and continue twisting around the ring to bind the two strands together.
  • There you have it!  A nice, easy way to make a companion for your  Bird's Nest Ring, or any other ring you'd like to pair it with!

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