Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crafting Corner: Sweater a Month Series

We just got back from our trip to Florida last night, and although I do plan on putting up a couple more posts about the trip, I didn't really feel like doing anything that evening.  So, I took out my knitting again.

I announced on my Youtube channel last week that I would be starting a 'Sweater a Month' series, where I would pick a free online sweater pattern that we could all knit together.  Naturally, you wouldn't have to do every single sweater, nor would you have to even knit it.  The goal is more so to provide a community for people who like crafts like this, and share what we've come up with.  I'll certainly be trying to put my own spin on the garments I've created, and I encourage you to do the same!

So, I've started my second sweater of the series, my April sweater.  The pattern I've chosen is one written by Mary Weaver, called the Dahlia sweater, which can be found here.  It's a beautiful empire-style sweater with a Victorian spin.  She uses a violet yarn from Cascade Yarns, which I think is so pretty - in fact, I can already tell you that I'm doing mine in a very similar color.

I'd love for you to work on this sweater with me, and don't worry about completing it in a month!  Take your time, it's supposed to be fun!  If you'd like to see March's sweater, check out the video below.  Also, do you have a better name for this 'Sweater a Month' series?  I'm not completely sold on it.  Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below!


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