Saturday, March 10, 2012

Better Than Sliced Bread: Wikipedia Game

On the way down to Florida, I got extremely bored, and was tired on the games I had already downloaded onto my phone, so I decided to come up with a new game.  The result was my Wikipedia game, which is surprisingly entertaining, takes up very little space, and is even educational!

I have a Wikipedia app on my phone already, to indulge my need for occasional nerdiness, so you could either download this app or simply head over to the original Wikipedia.  Then, think of a random item, such as an aardvark, tire, parasol, etc., and at the same time, bring up a random article.

Now, try and use the links on your random article to get to your random item.  It may take a few steps, but I've been able to reach all my goals, which has included going from a Belgian sculptor to a cat, and from a tire to an aardvark.  It's certainly kept me busy while waiting in lines for the rides here in Disney World!

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