Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jewelry Box: Bird's Nest Ring

I was lying in bed last night, thinking about rings my mother and I used to make out of buttons and wire, and thought that there must be a way to upgrade this quick little craft to create a more fashionable item.  That was when I decided that there must be a way I could use beads, instead.  So, I headed to my local craft store, and picked up some Swarovski beads and 22 gauge wire to see what I could come up with.

The result was a cute, dainty little ring that looked a bit like a bird's nest with a little colored egg in the center.  After a few tries, I found that it was quite easy to make, and really quite cost efficient.  I was able to make over 24 rings with just one wire package, and all that's necessary is the wire and a few small beads!  I hope you like it as much as I do, and just in case you'd like your own, you can follow the instructions I've included below!

  • a few inches of 22 gauge gold wire (about the length from your fingertips to your elbow)
  • 6 mm round faceted bead
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • A wooden dowel or other object the same size as you'd like your ring to be
  • Wrap the length of wire around the wooden dowel or other object (I used the top of a Bath & Body Works travel hand sanitizer bottle) twice, keeping the ends about the same length. 
  • Keeping the size of the ring stable, slip the ring off the dowel.
  • Slip the 6mm bead onto one of the ends, then tuck this same end through the ring opening to secure the tail.
  • Grabbing both tails now, wind them around the bead to secure it to the ring, creating a bird's nest effect.
  • Cut any excess wire, and make sure there are no sharp ends.
  • Finally, twist the ring band slightly directly opposite from the bead until it creates a slight spiral between the two strands of wire.  Continue twisting on both sides of the ring to bind the two strands together.
  • There you have it!  A quick, easy, dainty bird's nest ring!

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