Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beauty is Not a Treatment

Last Tuesday, at my weekly bible study, we completed the Beth Moore study, Esther.  I know some of you reading this are not Christian, and my be tempted to leave this site immediately, but please bare with me a moment.  The message I would like to share with you today - especially for the ladies - is a reminder that I think anyone could use.

Throughout the study, we talked about several reasons why it's tough to be a woman.  Last Tuesday we reviewed some of these reasons, and one in particular hit home with me.  It went something like, "It's tough being a woman in a world where beauty is a treatment."

It is so easy to fall into the mindset that you have to do all these different things to be considered beautiful, but please resist these thoughts!  You are beautiful just the way you are, and you don't have to do a thing!  Beauty is not a treatment, nor should it have anything to do with your outside appearance at all.

I know we hear this message a lot, but the message about your appearance being important always seems to speak louder to me - to you too?  I used to struggle with this concept a lot, until I started working at our public middle school, with kids that needed a little extra attention because of genetic conditions, for example, down syndrome.

There is one little girl in particular that I've worked with, Taylor, that reminds me every day I see her that I'm pretty.  But you know what?  She is much prettier than I am.  Maybe society wouldn't necessarily pick her  out as the next high fashion model (they wouldn't pick me, either), but she is absolutely gorgeous.  Her personality shines outward - it's not just a mask.

So, the next time you have that feeling of not being good enough, think of someone you know like my friend, Taylor.  Think of how beautiful and happy they are.  There is absolutely no reason that you can't feel that way, too.

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