Friday, April 6, 2012

Today's Video: April Sweater a Month

Yesterday, I put up my very first sweater pattern, which I was really excited about, not just because it was the first sweater pattern I've written, but because it is also the sweater that I have chosen as my May sweater for my Sweater a Month series!

Each month, I choose a different sweater pattern to knit, and at the beginning of the month, I show it off!  So, in this video, I am showing off the sweater I made for the month of April, and I absolutely love it!

I would love it if you tried to make a garment a month with me, and if you are of the knitting persuasion, the pattern I have chosen for May is my Anita sweaterdress, which you can find here.

The pattern the dress in the video was based off of was the Dahlia sweater, which you can find here.

What would you make if you could make any garment?

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